Agumbe Ghat: Everything You Need to Know

Agumbe is a small village located in the Maland region in Karnataka at 250 m above sea level. The area is known for recording heaviest rainfall in Southern India. It has one of the most scenic views in the Western Ghats with lush green forest, spectacular sunset and has a lot to offer to trekkers and explorers.

Everyone from 90’s had heard of Malgudi Days. Malgudi a fictitious town from RK Narayan’s novel is the Agumbe Village. The filming of the series ‘Magudi Days‘ was done here. The village is also known as the ‘Cherrapunji of South‘. If you are looking for a break with the busy city life, away from the hustle and bustle of people, this could be the ideal place for you.

Trekking in Agumbe could be a good adventure to undertake. The high hills, flora & fauna, waterfalls, and dense forests add to the joy of trekking. It is also home to several rare species of medicinal plants like Myristica, Eugenia, Ficus, Hoiligarna, and Garcinia, which is why it is also called “Hasiru Honnu” locally, meaning green gold.

It is home to permanent Rainforest Research Station in India. The rainforest department monitors the change and has a significant contribution to protect the biodiversity. The Department of Forest is planning to develop a medicinal plant garden in a certain protected area in Agumbe which is a home for 300 different species of medicinal plants.

Places to Visit

  • Gopal Krishna Temple – This is 14th-century temple from the Hoysala period. It has been attracting travelers for a long time. The 108 steps leading from the basement to the top symbolize 108 names of Lord Krishna.
  • Sunset Point – Agumbe is known for hypnotizing sunsets. The sunset point is 10 min walking distance from the main village at one of the highest peaks in the Western Ghats. If you are lucky, and it is not a misty day, you could witness one of the beautiful sunsets from the top of the hill over the Arabian Sea.
  • Waterfalls in and around Agumbe – Due to heavy rainfall there are many waterfalls in Agumbe located close to each other. They give an elegant view of the hills. The waterfalls are-
    – Kunchikal Falls
    – Barkana Falls
    – Onake Abbi Falls
    – Jogigundi
    – Koodlu Theertha falls

Trekking in Agumbe

Narismha Parvatha is the tallest peak in Agumbe. This trek has lot to offer to those who seek solitude and want to relax. It has a mixture of a high grassland and dense forest. Inside Kudermukh National Park one could see a lot of varieties of birds and other animals. This trek highlights the beauty of the Western Ghats at every step.

The forest is becoming a paradise for trekkers hunting with the scenic jungle routes. The trail takes you through dense forests where one could witness a great variety of flora and fauna, further trekkers could enjoy or rest at the waterfalls in the way. Kunchikal Falls is being at the height of 1493 m is the second highest waterfalls in India.
The natural pool at the bottom of these falls is safe to swim.

Agumbe-must visit
Cherrapunji of South India, Agumbe is known for its scenic beauty and biodiversity

Finally, you can trek up to the hill station to the sunset point from where if the weather is less misty you could get a beautiful distant view of the Arabian Sea. This is the place to relax, standing at the top with this beautiful view in front of your eyes will give eternal peace which you could never forget.

Best time to visit

Agumbe doesn’t have a varied temperature like the rest of the Western Ghats. It has a cool climate for most parts of the years. March and May are quite hot and dry. The winter starts in late December with temperature going as down as 18-degree Celsius. This little village could be visited anytime between October to February which is the average monsoon season, it is a mild and dry season which is perfect for hiking.

We present you with an opportunity to peek into the magical world of Agumbe. For more information check: Agumbe – Rainforest Ecology – Trek & Camping

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