The Bridge in construction

What is trekking?

Most of us all think that climbing a mountain or a hill is trekking. Well, yes part of its true, but part of it is the thing I am going to tell you. What is trekking meant for Nature Walkers?

Trekking could be a motive, it could be a commitment, it could be an aim, it could be an objective, it could be a mission, it could be a gym, it could be a party, it could be a social gathering, it could be a place where you find friends, and it could be a journey. It could be a slightest chance to save our future generation from losing the nature’s love, mother earth holding within.

Of course, developing in a city is what everyone wishes for. But there is also a small world of the people living outside these concrete city constructions. A small healthy, full of opportunity world, just outside our boundaries. We know our world is growing very fast and we love it, but, what about the knowledge gap developing between us. Shouldn’t we do something about it? Should we gain more knowledge of this? Should be we with our knowledge, be the bridge of this knowledge gap between these two worlds.

With an objective of healthy fitness, Nature Walkers realized trekking could also be a great help to support this bridge. We saw there are several families in this small world is fighting for their children to acquire good knowledge we have, work in the multinational companies as we do. But as they are farmer or small vendor shop holder, they make enough living for food and clothes only, And Education requirement diminishes.  I would like to tell you, every individual goes through Nature Walkers, gives a profit of ₹400 to ₹500 to these small vendors. Every week, we plan for minimum 30 participants per trek, which makes it to ₹10000+ which could be a moderate salary considering their education, still, it’s an add-on to their living cost.

We love to see, when some repair their house, starts admitting in good schools, & colleges. That is the satisfaction Nature Walkers wish for.

The bridge in construction.

Moving on to “If we are giving this much, what are we getting out of it?” Of course, very good and very important question.

Presumably, think like we get a break, we get a different taste of food, we get a walk in the wild, we get a friend, we get mountains, and we get a chance to change your breathing air. We get to look into generation growing in the healthy and clean atmosphere. Believe me or not, “Of the approximately 4,400 vehicles tested since June 21, 40 percent failed emission tests,” said Narendra Holkar, Joint Commissioner of Transport. It is no secret that Bengaluru’s pollution levels have gone from bad to worse over the past decade. Also, Note: The Administrative team is stretching its potential to decrease this level, but who can fight against the demand. We blame the government for not cleaning, but then why don’t we blame our self for making the waste?

Mountain teaches us how to live with limited accessories. I don’t say you cut off your every requirement. But you should know how much you can survive and progress. It’s a culture or practice we could develop to live with minimum resources with satisfying our every need. Example, the people from other world go grocery shopping only once a week and they don’t own a fridge. How do they do it? Well, here comes Nature Walker’s job to filling up that cultural part of the bridge.

The bridge in construction.

Interchanging the knowledge or money is very important. Because it develops trust. It develops a silent way of communicating that neither of the worlds would harm each other and there is only profit to gain from this transaction. It develops a friendly atmosphere between each and other.

The more we participate, the more we learn from each other, the more we learn of each other,

The more we support the bridge.

The bridge in construction.

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