Trekking with Eco-bags: Litter-free nature

Eco-bags for trekking
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Plastic Bags, initially used for carryng garbage during trekking

I always tell a small story in my treks about how we realized the importance of Eco-bags in our trekking events. Earlier, when Nature Walkers started trekking, we used to guide everyone to carry their garbage in the side pocket of their bags. But then, still, we use to see people throw banana skin, orange peels, etc. saying these are biodegradable items. So, we started asking our outdoor leaders to carry big plastic bags on all their trekking expeditions where everyone can put their garbage after which it can be disposed of at proper location. Initially, this plastic bag idea went very well. Initial treks with these bags use to be very productive in collecting garbage from the participants as well from the trail.

Again, in search of improvement in this, I started observing people on a trek, especially the slow walkers. Giving them more things to carry would be killing the curiosity of reaching the peak. So, even if some wants to help, the jest of refusal to pick up the living around plastic after a 2 hours trek is very heavy. It’s natural. I don’t call it selfish or illiterate. Being that situation myself, I understand this jest of refusal. But how can we reduce this refusal?

eco-bag for trekking india
The basic structure of Eco-bag for trekking

Eco-Bags is the answer, It’s a small bag, which has two belts, one hook around your waist, and one hook around your thigh and it has a small flap opening on the top. It stays in this position till you remove it. Does not bother your walking technique or your hands. It’s basically a kind of utility bag, in which you can carry anything from a water bottle to food items (separating the bottle with a newspaper). And your hands are free to hold shot for the just took off bird.

It’s a nylon mix cotton bag, so washable and reusable after drying. Hurray, found a solution. I requested my mom to make 50 such bags. She used to stitch military clothes in pass time during our childhood (a very good initiative by military welfare program to help earn a small income for a household wife through pass time jobs).

I drew the design of the bag for her. She went to the cheapest bazaar of Mumbai to get the cloth and gave me these bags in a month. I was so happy to see a solution taking shape. Thanks to Nature Walkers who have started using these bags in all their treks.

Final product of Eco-bags for trekking in India
Eco-bags: Final product for trekking

Frankly speaking, I use these bags for grocery shopping also, helps me save ₹15 every time I go grocery shopping. I think it has great use in the city as well. Imagine everyone carrying their own waste in these eco-bags, there wouldn’t be any place with any litter. A small solution, if implied could perform above expectation.


Happy Trekking!

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