Don’t Miss These 7 Best Trekking Places near Chennai

Trekking events at Chennai-Meesapulimala Trek

Places for Trekking near Chennai

The word ‘trekking’ may instantly transport your mind to the Himalayas as you start to envisage climbing those mighty snow-capped peaks.
For people living in South India, going for Himalayan treks means months and months of planning and additional travel expenditure. Luckily, South India is blessed with beautiful and challenging terrains ideal for trekking. The best part is that these trips are short and make for a great weekend getaway with friends and family.

If you are living in or near Chennai and seeking some adventure, here are some treks you:

1. Nagalapuram Trek, Andhra Pradesh

Situated close to Tirupati and at a distance of 77 Km from Chennai, this is one of the most famous trekking place from Chennai. The trek starts from the foothills Nagagalapuram Hills. It is a short trek and can be finished within a day. It is an awesome treat for swimmers. You can dive as much as you can and enjoy the clear and cool water. There is no changing room for anyone so plan accordingly. Recommend to carry Life Jackets for precautionary purpose. Check out more..

Best Time to Visit: November to February
Total Trek Distance: 10 Km
Difficulty Level: Moderate

2. Top Station – Kurangani Trek, Munnar

With the diverse variety of flora and fauna, this trek appeals to wildlife enthusiasts, trekkers, birdwatchers and photographers alike. The beautiful trail takes you through a zigzag route through the tea gardens. Trekkers are most likely to spot wide varieties of chirping birds. Witness the welcoming view of the sunrise and trek through the dense forest of Kurangani. This is one of best trekking place near Chennai. Read more..

Best Time to Visit: August to December
Total Trek Distance: 12 Km
Difficulty Level: Difficult

3. Messapulimala Trek and Camping, Tamil Nadu

Messapulimala is the second highest peak in the Western Ghats after Anamudi at 2640 m. The name “Messapulimala” is derived from the fact that it is formed of eight hills spread like a moustache. Trekkers could see lots of Rhododendrons flowers on the trail, which is why the valley is also called Rhodo Valley. This is just a day’s trek and hence trekkers of any age with good physical fitness can go for this trek. There are plenty scenic spot in this trek that trekkers can enjoy and capture. Read more..

Best Time to Visit: October to February
Total Trek Distance: 15 Km
Difficulty Level: Difficult

4. Yercaud Trek, Tamil Nadu

Around 370 km from Chennai, Yercaud is situated in the Shevaroy scopes of the Eastern Ghats. There are many small leisure trails throughout the hills, but the two most popular spots to trek to are Kiliyur Falls and Shevaroy Hills. Kiliyur Falls trek is slightly difficult and may require trekking on steep rocks and muddy trails. But the views are breathtaking. Sunrise Point at Manjakkuttai town gives a spectacular view of the valley. Big Lake, Lady’s Seat, Pagoda Point and Bear’s Cave are a portion of the attractions you can watch while trekking out here at Yercaud Hills

Best Time to Visit: October-January
Total Trek Distance: 10 Km
Difficulty Level: Easy

5. Kumbakarai – Vellagavi – Kodaikanal trail Trek, Tamil Nadu

Kodaikanal is a beautiful place situated at a distance of around 540 km from Chennai. Kodaikanal stands for ‘The Gift of the Forests’ and it’s often referred as the Princess of Hill Stations. About 8 Km from Kodaikanal, the Dolphin’ nose viewpoint is the most popular spot for tourists and trekkers alike. Dolphin’s nose is located at the height of 6600 feet. This trail has got historic significance since this was the walking track up to Kodaikanal in the late 18th and early 19th centuries used by the westerners before the present roads came to usage. So this is a privileged and prestigious route to trek. Check out more..

Best Time to Visit: September-December
Total Trek Distance: 15 Km

Difficulty Level: Moderate

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6. Tada Falls Trek, Andhra Pradesh

Tada Falls is situated at around 82 Km away from Chennai. The base of the trek is at the foot of the hills near a silent stream. During the rainy season, trekking here is all about jumping over puddles of water, crossing streams and passing small rivulets.  Tada falls is ideal place for trekking near Chennai for a day trip.

Best Time to Visit: June to October
Total Trek Distance: 9 Km
Difficulty Level: Moderate

7. Gingee Fort, Tamil Nadu

Gingee fort also known as the Senji fort is situated in Villupuram region, which is around 160 Km from Chennai. Its historical significance makes it stand out among other forts in the South region. Trekkers seeking could also indulge in rock climbing for more fun.

Best Time to Visit: October to March
Total Trek Distance: 6 Kms
Difficulty Level: Moderate

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If you are living in Chennai and looking forward to a weekend getaway adventurous trip, go for a trek. This could be a life-changing experience, and would also give you a break from your busy schedule. Plan your first trek Nature Walkers and we will take care of the rest.

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