Agumbe – Rainforest Ecology – Trek & Camping

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Agumbe – Rainforest Ecology – Trek & Camping
photography event
snake photography event
agumbe snake photography event
agumbe snake photography event
snake photography event
agumbe snake photography event
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snake photography event

Agumbe – Rainforest Ecology – Trek & Camping


Start: 24/08/2018 ~ End: 26/08/2018

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A reptile slithers slyly through the dry leaves looking for its prey somewhere in the warm tropical forest of South India. Leaving the comfort of its borrow, it moves stealthily to soak the warm sun that reflects from its scales.

Still visiting zoos to watch the animals caged and restricted to the confined spaces? Step into the territory where the wild remains unharmed and free. Your day might end with meeting this reptile — the magnificent King Cobra, which is native species to Agumbe.

In the wilderness of the dense jungles of Agumbe in the Western Ghats lies the Kalinga Centre of Rainforest Ecology (KCRE). This five-acre field site, snuggled into nature’s lap, was created for people to develop a better understanding of their ecosystem and learn about the scientific tools for its conservation.

The forest is a home to rich and diverse flora and fauna that thrive here — that now, they face a direct threat from humans. Through camps and workshops, participants will learn on how to stay in harmony with animals and what role can they play to protect them.

We bring you an opportunity to peek into this magical world that still remains in its pristine form, untouched and untamed.

Relax quietly by the slow-moving streams under the canopy of large trees that almost block the sunlight. Indulge in wildlife photography, bird-watching, butterfly-watching. Catch a glimpse of the lesser-known species like Draco Flying Lizards, Flying Squirrel, and Slender Loris. Trek through the forest trails and get close to nature to experience the richness of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

All this and more awaits you at Kalinga, which named after the ruling reptile of Agumbe forest, the King Cobra. Know more about Agumbe.


DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Bangalore – Agumbe– Bangalore
DEPARTURE TIME Friday – 7.30pm
RETURN TIME Sunday – 10.30pm
  • Arrival, Introduction & Ice-breaking
  • Introduction to Rainforest Ecology
  • Short walk around the campsite in search of Draco (Western Ghats flying lizard)
  • Trek  to explore the rainforest
  • Wildlife film
  • Night walk to find Amphibians and nocturnal mammals (flying squirrel, slender loris and more)

Day 2

  • Early riser trek under  thick canopy,
  • exploring  forest for  insects, reptiles, amphibians, and birds
  • Introduction to snakes of Agumbe
  • First Aid for snake bites, an essential for trekkers
  • Nature trail Wildlife film Night walk to find nocturnal reptiles
  • Introduction to Ecology of King Cobras
  • Discussion on the habitat type of Agumbe and other wildlife it houses Reflection and Departure
  • Two liters of water bottles
  • Raincoat
  • Torch (with New Batteries)
  • One cover sheet – Good to have one
  • A cap
  • Cargo/track pants -2
  • T-shirt -2
  • Shoes, Socks
  • Personal medication kit
  • Soap
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Sunscreen
  • Rain Coat/Poncho
To and Fro journey Tented Accommodation
Two breakfasts (Saturday, Sunday) One lunch
One dinner (Saturday) Bonfire
Guide Snack/Power packs for trek
Lots and lots of FUN.  Clean common bathrooms and toilets (Indian and Western) with hot water facility
Lunch (Sunday)
Dinner (Friday)
Any personal purchases.


We encourage and request participants to follow guidelines when entering the home of other species.

  • Bonfire and loud music is prohibited in view of avoiding any disturbance to animals
  • Handling, agitating, or disturbing any wildlife will warrant strict action
  • Collection of any kind of flora or fauna is not permitted
  • Exercise caution, control, and care during observation and photography in the forest to avoid stressing species or exposing them to danger
  • Respect the culture and sentiments of locals
  • Kindly avoid carrying plastics and in case it is unavoidable we request that you carry back plastic waste with you like bottles, plastic bags and so on.
  • Room service is not available at the campsite.

(Malnad cuisine)

  • South-Indian vegetarian / non-vegetarian food
  • Coffee and Tea (morning and evening)

Additional information


Agumbe Rainforest Ecology


3 Days & 2 Nights


12 – 45 Years

trek distance


difficulty level

Easy to Moderate

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 2 reviews
June 25, 2018

It was a amazing event of learning, joy and peace.This was something new for me. Thanks to Nature Walkers for organising such an event. My regards to legendary Gowri Shankar and Priyanka from KCRE for hosting.

July 3, 2018

Agumbe Rainforest Ecology – Trek & Camping 14 – 17 Jun 2018.
Although this was our first trek with Nature Walkers, it didn’t feel like that from the very first minute we met Shane our outdoor leader and then one by one the group we were going with. Expectation I set for this trip was to relax, have some fresh air, go far away from the polluted busy environment and de-stress. I must admit I got much more than that. Forest walks, a dip in a clear flowing stream of water (twice actually), a small trek to a peak where we had scenic view of nature and greenery, first aid for snake bite session, session on King Cobra, wildlife photography, night walks, butterflies, camping in tents, tasty home cooked meals. We got a chance to be interacting with the Kalinga Center team (Gowrishankar, Prashant and Priyanka). They shared their experiences with rescuing king Cobras, we watched an amazing documentary featuring their rescue operations. This interaction was very informative and we learnt a lot about wildlife and their ecology. We even got a chance to have a quick stop at Sringeri temple, on our way back to Bangalore.
Away from network, it was great to disconnect from the virtual world and connect with nature.

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