Assistant Marketing Analyst Intern

Job Description:

  • Test Website for bugs and issues with payment links and coordinate with gateway partners for resolution.
  • Quality Check of the Executed Events by Nature Walkers
  • Gather written reviews on website and Facebook.
  • Email Notification to all the participants before the Event.
  • Track Operation checklist and coordinate with the Operation team on the same.
  • Monitor social media performance and generate weekly and monthly reports for improvements and performance of value add inputs.
  • Spread heading and coordinating with partners and clients on different projects.

Assistant Sales Intern

Job Description:

  • Generating leads of various business verticals using online and offline methods.
  • Converting leads from other promotional partners and from other social media promotional platforms.
  • Coordinating with operation for smooth participant management and execution of the Event.
  • Coordinating with internal teams, partners and client organisation for smooth execution of all marketing efforts and ensuring marketing delivery happens on time.

Assistant Content Writer Intern/freelancer

Job Description:

  • Display creative writing skills on travel and adventure sports.
  • Check new/old website content for grammatical errors and statement corrections.
  • Develop understanding and Implementation on Key words usage in blogs and articles.
  • Work with SEO Team and develop unique content for SEO use.
  • Gather reviews and feedbacks on blogs and create engagement on social media for different blogs of naturewalkers.
  • Search unique content and content writers related to travel and adventure sports.
  • Edit and check for content/blogs/articles are published on website and other social media platform.
  • Interview Participant & Outdoor leaders on their experience to generate unique content for promotion and Email campaigns.
  • Create Email campaigns and track their performance and work in favour of improvements and strategy building.
  • Create content for different contest and special offer.
  • Favour in learning and developing photo editing skill set for SEO or Website use.


Trek Out-Door Leader

Job Description

  • We are looking for a Leader, fill with adrenaline rush, spontaneous thinker, Traveller who is ready to pack his bag any time to travel to remote location of India to explore.
  • Manage the complete group of nature walkers throughout a whole weekend trek.
  • Interested in Travelling, Exploring, Socializing and Trekking with a group of Nature Walkers.
  • Humble and could create good impression of company rules, values, ethics and morals through successful execution of Trek.
  • Travel to Different region of Western Ghats and Himalayas.
  • Work with operation desk team in coordinating with participants
  • Could understand and maintain good local values and work in preventing any violation by the participant.
  • To maintain good physical skill (we opt to give challenges to our Outdoor Leaders, completing running hours, or traveling to Himalaya trek etc. ) Open to accept it.
  • Open to develop interest in medicine to help and support local people in remote location in Nature Walker’s projects.
  • Open to promote good healthy fitness tips and motivate people for exploring the world with good and healthy objectives.
  • Work with nature walkers on no trace policy and participate in different mountain clean-up programs.
  • Photography skill is an advantage for this post.
  • Good communication skills. Multilingual is an advantage for this post.

How to APPLY.

It is a self-driven and self-motivated program, as you know, in a startup, you need to put your hands in multiple sectors to meet your objective. we would like to know if you are up for it. We will discuss your roles and responsibility thoroughly in our discussion.

Before that, would you please share your talent and goals you like to achieve with nature walkers in one paragraph. (What interest you to be part of nature walkers?)

Send Us email on – with subject mentioning the role. (ex: “Trek Out-door Leader”)