we always have separate accommodation for girls and boys. Sometimes, some participants wish to stay with their family, so we request them to check with us before the trip so that we can check for the options to arrange that facility.


We believe a hot meal after the trek is the best way to complete an awesome day. So, we always try to cater everything from first morning breakfast to the next morning breakfast but at some places we give the option to the traveler to explore the local cuisines for him/herself. The trek on which we cater, we try to give local vegetarian meal containing all dal, rice, roti, sabji etc. but the times when we do not include food then the traveler can explore anything he/she likes.


We usually try our best to give an opportunity to the traveler to connect with nature and the locals. We mostly connect with people who have the capacity to server us but do not have finance or contact to spread their business, because of which sometime our homestays are at located are remote location for examples on hills, small villages or towns. Also, sometime we also opt for camp with tents and sleeping bags etc and sometime in cemented homestays which contains basic comfort for a proper rest.


yes, we always opt for separate accommodation for boys and girls.


yesofcourse, you can leave your luggage at the accommodation. Although we request you, not to carry any valuables with you on the trips.


Pickup Location

We usually send the exact Pickup location and timings a couple of days before the trek date. The pick location we choose are always a well-known place and has better connectivity with rest of the city. Mostly there will be 1 to 3 pickup location for every trek of nature walkers.


We understand Friday’s has bit hectic with time management and traffic because of which we usually try to keep our pickup timings at late evening after office hours. The exact timings and pickup location are usually share with everyone couple of days before the trek date.


Yes, of course, you can board on the way if we are travelling through your location. You can get in touch with one of our out-door leader for same. Although, we request you to board from the pickup locations as it would help us to coordinate, and to avoid mis-understanding or time delay.


The drop points would be similar to the pickup locations but in reverse order, for example if first pickup point is silk board and second pickup point is M.G Road then the drop points would be first MG Road and then Silk Board.


you can contact to the number shared on the Itinerary page. Also, we would be sharing out the contact information on the connecting email. besides, we would also be creating a WhatsApp group so that we all can connect and coordinate with everyone on the trip.


Register for Trek

In most of the trek we usually keep everything from the first day breakfast to the next day breakfast. In few treks we don’t cater some things like food because it give the opportunity to the traveler to explore the local delicacies as well. The details information of the things included can be found in the Highlight section of the itinerary page of the trek.

have tie-ups with third party vendors and the commitment is already made, the cancellation affect the facilities give to other participants, so, even if we don’t like to put on any policy, we might have to do it for the other participants who are coming for the trek. So, that we could be at least manage to keep the spirits high enough. The cancellation charges are as follows.
If the cancellation is done before 15th day from the trek date then FULL REFUND is applicable after the deduction of the third party vendor transaction charges.
If the cancellation is done before 7th day from the trek date then HALF REFUND is applicable.
If the cancellation is done after 7th day from the trek date then NO REFUND is applicable.

For cancellation, please send an email to

Yes, certainly you can transfer your ticket to your friend or relative, just connect with any of the nature walkers coordinator on call (number mentioned on the itinerary page) or send us an email to containing your request.

Surely you can, but we have a tie up with a third party vendor who manages our ticketing and they follow the first come first basis rule for every event they enlist. If the seats get full before the starting point then it would be very difficult to accommodate as the third party vendor might already have received the payment and confirmed the booking. Because of which we request all our travelers to do the booking online. If you have any issue while booking online, then surely you can connect with us to the number shared on the itinerary page.


We usually do not keep any last date of registration. We serve on first come first basis so the tickets might still be available till the last moment or it might be over days before the trek date. So, it can be considered that the last date of registration would be the last ticket booking date for that particular ticket. If all the tickets are booked then the software will not allow any further registration. You can also call us on the number shared on the itinerary page to get the number of ticket available for the trip before making the payment.

To confirm your ticket, you need to go the itinerary page of the trek and click on the green button “BOOK NOW”, which will guide to our payment page on which you can make the payment through netbanking, credit or debit card. Once you make the payment, you will receive a payment confirmation from our ticketing partner and from us confirmation your seat on the trip. We would request you to go through the complete itinerary, description, highlights and things you need to carry before making the payment.



yesofcourse you can, we do not impose any hard bound rule to stick together for the whole trip. We definitely understand the seriousness of your plan and would surely try to help you with it. But as we would be travelling with other fellow travelers, it would be very difficult for us to arrange another transportation for you, we would request you to make up those decision by yourself. Also, as we usually make advance commitment with our vendors regarding the number of


We usually request people to board from the pickup locations as the trip is not just regarding the trek we do on the mountains but also the social connection we build with the fellow travelers on the journey. For example, the intro sessions, the games, the singing and dancing connects people together and helps everyone to build a trust on each other to get along for the whole journey, because of which we mostly do not allow people to join from other locations besides the pickup locations or travel route.people participants so, it would be very difficult to manage for waiver on the trip cost.


We all love pet animal but we also know that sometimes pet animal behave differently in different situation like longs journeys, rugged terrains, rain, sun and other tough natural environment. Hence, for everyone’s convenience, we do not allow pet animals on trip.


Mostly the transport vehicle depends on the number of participants join in for the trek. In general sometimes with adequate number of participants we usually use a comfortable semi seater, non-AC, pushback seat, 33 seater bus with curtains and other accessories. And sometimes it get substituted by a cozy tempo travelers.



We believe it is best to make friends and interact withother travelers when you are in a small group because of which we limit our group size from 10 people to 30 people.

We would request you to consult your personal doctor/physician in this regard. It would be best to get a confirmation from a physician because most of the trek in Nature Walkers are into uncommercial location where it’s even difficult to get network coverage

yes, you certainly can join. We often get many solo travelers on our trips and definitely you will find some likeminded people on the trip. Our objective is that we complete the trek as a team. So, we always motivate people to come together and help each other.

We believe age does not define a limit of a person. A person can achieve anything at any age if he has a desire.  Every trek has its own difficulty level, which you can check out the Itinerary page of the every trek and can decide for yourself. Definitely a basic fitness is always required for any trek you choose, because every trek in Nature Walkers test your ability to push yourself beyond your limits

We always believe in exploring our limits. Every Trek organized by nature walker would have outdoor leaders, who would help you/ motivate you in difficult times on the trek. Also, we have shared the itinerary in a form of a virtual trek which would give you basic idea of the difficulty level of the trek, which will help you in decision making